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Brighton Rocks for Geography A-level Students

Lower Sixth Geography Students visited Brighton to collect data on a topic of their choice for their independent A-level project that contributes to their A-level mark.

Students have spent the past six weeks planning their own areas of study which led to them generating investigation titles. These titles range from, ‘How the beach morphology changes between the Marina and Brighton Pier?’, ‘How effective is the funding in protecting cultural heritage sites such as Brighton Pavilion?’, ‘How successful was the regeneration project “The Level”?’, and finally, ‘How are coastal processes influencing beach profiles?’.

Students had to create original methodologies that comprised environmental quality surveys, decibel counters, mapping of green spaces, beach sediment analysis and residents’ perceptions. When we set off on Thursday morning, we were able to start on Maderia Drive and students could then easily access the beaches or walk into the town. Surveys were conducted on both Thursday and Friday, ensuring enough data was collected to produce excellent projects.

Sienna said “I enjoyed devising my methodologies and conducting questionnaires while in Brighton. I was looking at the informal representation of place and so also took lots of photographs for my project. It was lovely weather and a nice way to spend two days.”

Fred said: “I particularly enjoyed going into the sea in order to measure wave power as well as there it was good weather. Looking around Brighton pier was a nice way to end the day.”

By Emily Hargreaves, Head of Geography