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Geographers Explore Iceland’s Landforms

Twelve intrepid Geographers embarked for the cold and icy country of Iceland to witness first-hand the impact of geology and volcanism.

Waterfalls were one of the trip’s main attractions, however very icy conditions made traversing around these sites difficult, and this wasn’t the only time the weather put a kink in our plans. The 24m/s winds prevented the coach from travelling and we were forced to change our itinerary. The pupils took this all in their stride and we quickly rearranged our day to include an incredible lava show. Here the students were able to see real basaltic lava and learn all about Pele’s tears and how lava cools. It was a definite highlight that we will add to future trips.

That evening, feeling a buzz from the day’s events, students were hopeful we would see the Northern Lights. Luck was on our side, and a short but breathtaking display was out that evening. Our luck didn’t run out, and we were fortunate enough to see the display two more times in Reykjavik later in the week.

We ended our trip with an ‘into the glacier’ experience where the students were able to explore Langjokull Glacier and gain an understanding of the majesty and dangers that exist below the snow’s surface. We left the fantastic six-day adventure with memories of volcanoes, glaciers, lagoons, lava shows, northern lights, and museums.

The students were excellent representatives of the College and a great time was had by everyone.