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Geographers Study Regeneration at Olympic Park

In the pursuit of understanding urban regeneration and its impact on the environment, the Year 10 GCSE Geography students embarked on a field trip to Stratford, London, with a primary focus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and East Village. The objective of the fieldwork was to employ geographical techniques to collect data, including an environmental quality survey, noise pollution measurements using a decibel counter, and conducting interviews. These methodologies were chosen to comprehensively assess the impact of regeneration efforts on the local environment. Prior to completing the fieldwork, students had several lessons to understand the transect, the sampling techniques and the resources required to collect the data successfully. 

The culmination of data collected through these techniques allowed the students to draw informed conclusions regarding the impact of regeneration in Stratford and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The interviews provided a range of perspectives on the social and economic implications of regeneration. The students were excellent ambassadors for the college with the way they engaged with the public and asked meaningful questions. 

The trip provided students with a hands-on opportunity to apply geographical fieldwork techniques. This experience not only enhanced their practical skills but also deepened their appreciation for the complex interplay between human activities and the environment in the context of urban redevelopment. 

By Emily Hargreaves, Head of Geography