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Growbaby Toy Drive

The annual Growbaby Toy Drive was an exceptional success this year thanks to the generosity of our students and staff. Our community donated over 1000 gifts to children in the local area who would not otherwise receive one.

Charity Representatives worked hard in houses to encourage pupils to bring in toys. Many thanks, of course, go to Epsom parents for their key role in facilitating this spectacular effort!

Mrs Noni Farrelly, founder of Growbaby in Kingston, spoke in both the Lower School and Senior School Chapel Toy Services. She spoke of the great impact our gifts make, year after year. Mrs Farrelly told a particularly moving story about a child who requested ‘pigeons’ and was then given pigeon stickers, toys and stationery by a pupil at Epsom; his careworker said it was the first time she had seen him really smile.

The gifts were wrapped by volunteers and will be distributed throughout the local area before Christmas.

Dr Beth Eliott Lockhart