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Happiness Poetry Competition

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, the University of Leicester is running a competition which invites pupils to answer the question ‘What Makes You Happy?’ via a painting, video, poem or song.

Epsom’s M4 pupils were tasked with drafting a poem on the topic of happiness in their PSD lessons last week and Head of Year, Mrs Fi Drinkall, selected three finalists who will be entered into the national competition, as well as receiving a Headmaster’s distinction.

The Headmaster then chose the overall winner – well done to Georgie Watkin (Wh). You can read Georgie’s work below.

  • Winner: Georgie Watkin (Wh)
  • Runner-up: Theo Maxwell Randeria (H)
  • Highly-commended: Sophie Long (R)


Happiness by Georgie Watkin


Happiness is a goal,

A joyous state of mind.

It might seem hard but one day you’ll see

That happiness you’ll find


Happiness is dancing in the rain,

Laying in the shade,

Singing in your room alone,

Or running unafraid.


Devouring a book

And absorbing all the tales.

Putting on an outfit

And admiring the details.


Playing music far too loud,

Shattering through your ears.

Going out with friends,

Getting food and saying ‘cheers!’


Happiness is all around,

If you look hard enough you’ll see,

That happiness isn’t a feeling

It’s a way to be.