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Historians Learn About Life in The Gulags in Russia

On Tuesday evening, the eminent Dr Daniel Beer from Royal Holloway University of London gave a talk to all Sixth Form historians about life in the gulags in Russia. This was on the topic of Dr Beer’s recently published book entitled House of the Dead and provided some interesting insights into the revolutionary movement that shook 19th century Russia.

Before the talk, eight historians from both the L6th and U6th met with Dr Beer for a seminar. Dr Beer discussed the extent to which the Russian rulers from 1855 to 1964 can be considered truly liberal and the influence of the media in spreading revolutionary zeal. Harry Patterson (C), Mackenzie Mully (R) and Cara Robinson (Rv) were among some of the historians who posed a number of carefully considered questions to Dr Beer to gain further depth to their understanding of the Russian history A-level.