HMC Golf Round 2 v Gordons | Epsom College
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HMC Golf Round 2 v Gordons

Liam Colohan (P) and Oscar Lent (Wa) played wonderful golf to defeat two golfers who represent England and play off +2 and 3. They played very competitive foursomes golf: hitting fairways and greens in regulation, and put constant pressure on the opposition. It was an extremely impressive effort from two young golfers, who really played well as a team.

On the other side, what Epsom did to Gordons in the first pair, Gordons did to Epsom in pairs 2 and 3. We did not hit enough fairways and were scrambling a lot of the time, while Gordons were making pars and winning holes.

The final words were said by their Captain, an English International, to me at the end: “I really thought we were going to cruise to victory today but we were beaten by two superb players, who apparently play off 8 and 4. Today they played scratch golf.”

Final result: Epsom 1, Gordons 2

  • Pair 1: Liam Colohan and Oscar Lent: won 4 and 3.
  • Pair 2 Alex McWilliam (Fa) and Will Hewitt (H) lost 3 and 2.
  • Pair 3: Jamie Reid (Rn) and Joss Wells (Fa) lost 3 and 2.