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Holocaust Ambassadors Visit Nazi Concentration Camp

Five members of the Epsom College Holocaust Ambassador Project, alongside Mr Fisher and Canon Haviland, travelled to Dachau, Germany, to a memorial site of a former Nazi concentration camp.

Dachau was the first such camp set up by the Nazi government in 1933 and would become the model for all camps which followed. During their visit the Lower Sixth students learned about how this network of horrors evolved over the years of Nazi rule, but also had the opportunity to reflect on the site as a memorial to the victims of the atrocities.

Kristy McGuire, Lower Sixth, said: “Our trip to Dachau was saddening and a deeply insightful experience. As we walked through the gates of the former concentration camp, an overwhelming sense of sorrow enveloped me. The chilling reminders of the atrocities committed against humanity during World War II were palpable. Amidst the sadness, I recognised the importance of remembering the people who lost their lives in Dachau and other similar sites. Their stories serve as a powerful reminder of the consequences of hate, intolerance and indifference. It is through remembrance that we honour their memory and strive to create a world where such atrocities can never be repeated. 

“Towards the end of the day, we entered the chapel on the site that was constructed in 1960. Canon Haviland said a prayer for all the people that lost their lives and hope for humanity in the future. Visiting Dachau was a humbling experience that underscored the need for compassion, understanding, and a commitment to preserving humanity and dignity. It reminded me of the responsibility we all share for ensuring that history’s darkest moments are never forgotten.”

The Holocaust Ambassador Project is designed to give a small group of students the opportunity to learn in-depth about the Holocaust and the wider troubles faced by the global Jewish community both historically and in the present day.