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Holocaust Memorial Day

Yesterday in St Luke’s Chapel, we commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day. Our team of Epsom College Holocaust Ambassadors presented a moving and relevant reflection to the College community.

The Headmaster commented: “It was a moving, evocative, illuminating presentation by our Holocaust Ambassadors as they reflected upon the seminars, talks, exhibitions, and reading undertaken better to understand this act of genocide.”

The Ambassadors had attended seminars, listened to talks from Holocaust survivors, and in October visited the new Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.

They said: “The exhibition not only focused on the tragedy and sorrow of the concentration camps and the surrounding violence people were exposed to, simply by virtue of their religion, ethnicity, social status or health. Rather, it also forces you to understand and reflect on the fact that these terrible losses were made up of men, women and children, individuals and families, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents. The losses were made up of people who shared similar loves, fears, hopes and ambitions to those that we do. Ordinary people, just like us.”