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House Spirit on Show at Cross Country

On an unseasonably mild and sunny day, over 800 runners competed in this year’s Inter-House Cross Country Championships, which took place on Epsom Downs. One of the oldest sporting events in the College calendar, the Cross Country is always keenly contested, with runners entering into the spirit of the competition and giving their best for their House.

Lower School

  • Lower School – 1st Hutchison, 2nd Wardroper, 3rd Glyn Hughes, 4th Jeffery
  • 3rd Form Girls winner – Isabel Carter
  • 3rd Form Boys winner – Matthew Thomas
  • L4th Girls winner – Alexandra O’Connor
  • L4th Boys winner – George Bone

Middle Fourth

  • Girls house – 1st Rosebery, 2nd Murrell, 3rd White, 4th Wilson, 5th Raven, 6th Crawfurd
  • Girls winner – Cara Naidoo
  • Boys house – 1st Robinson, 2nd Propert, 3rd Forest, 4th Carr, 5th Fayrer, 6th Holman, 7th Granville
  • Boys winner – Harry Raincock

Upper Fourth

  • Girls house – 1st Murrell, 2nd Rosebery, 3rd Raven, 4th White, 5th Wilson, 6th Crawford
  • Girls winner – Emma Lord
  • Boys house – 1st Propert, 2nd Forest, 3rd Fayrer, 4th Carr, 5thGranville, 6th Holman, 7th Robinson
  • Boys winner – Christopher Cohalan

Fifth Form

  • Girls house – 1st White, 2nd Rosebery, 3rd Wilson, 4th Raven, 5th Murrell, 6th Crawford
  • Girls winner – Florence White
  • Boys house – 1st Holman, 2nd Propert, 3rd Carr, 4th Fayrer, 5th Forest, 6th Robinson, 7th Granville
  • Boys winner –  Henry Lord

Sixth Form

  • Girls house – 1st Roseberry, 2nd Murrell, 3rd Raven, 4th Crawford, 5th White, 6th Wilson
  • Girls winner – Shakila Keable
  • Boys house – 1st Fayrer, 2nd Forest, 3rdHolman, 4th Propert, 5th Robinson 6th Granville, 7th Carr
  • Boys winner – Marcus Barrett

 Overall Winners

  • Girls House – 1st Rosebery, 2nd Murrell, 3rd White, 4th Raven, 5th Wilson, 6th Crawford
  • Boys House – 1st Propert, 2nd Forest, 3rd Fayrer, 4th Robinson, 5th Holman, 6th Carr, 7th Granville