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Rugby: Impressive Weekend Against Cranleigh

Epsom enjoyed a standout weekend against Cranleigh, winning 12 of 16 matches played. Among a number of impressive performances, the team of the weekend has to be the 3rd XV. The boys ran out 27-10 winners and remain unbeaten this season.

This was a crunch game between two sides that have had very successful seasons, and both teams were testing the limits of their strength in depth, with many players out through injury and promotion; Epsom’s 3rd XV were down seven regular players in the forwards alone.

There were standout performances from a number of players – with Jack Nielsen (G), Alex Nicol (Fa), Freddie Laflin (P), Kit Man (F) and James Towson (Fa) impressive – but ultimately this was a team performance of particular merit.


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Results v Cranleigh

1st XV Lost 5-26

  • Try: Matthews (F)
  • Players of the Match: Lewis Brown (P) and Ollie Matthews (F)


2nd XV Lost 0-13

  • Player of the MatchAaron Endeley (C)


3rd XV WON 27-10

  • Tries: Towson (Fa) x2, Nielsen (G), McMurdo M (F), Nicol (Fa)
  • Players of the Match: The whole team.


4th XV WON 14-12

  • Tries: Kennell (H), Kua (Fa)
  • Player of the Match: Jing Jiang Kua (Fa)


5th XV Lost 0-27

  • Player of the Match: Angus Picken (Rn) – resolute in attack and defence.


U16A WON 26-5

  • Tries: Ekoku (Fa), King (H), Laidlaw (Fa), Redknapp (G)
  • Player of the Match: Leo Hales (F)


U16B WON 25-17

  • Tries: Hall (F), Carr-White (Fa), Butcher (H)
  • Players of the Match: Oliver Hughes (G) – a ferocious defensive performance; Finn Walmsley (H) – excellent kicking under pressure.


U16C WON 55-5

  • Tries: Lapidus (G) x2, De Groot (C) x2, Busby (P) x2, Lamort de Gail T (Rn), Day (C), Crabb (Fa), Wong O (G), Gordon-Pullar (G), Hooton (Rn), Scott (C)
  • Player of the Match: Ben Garrett (G)


U15A WON 46-0

  • Tries: Esson (F), Holmes (G), Schmid (Fa), Temperley (Rn), Springett (Fa), Patient (Rn), Lawler (P)


U15B WON 27-7

  • Tries: Mill (H), Rasmussen (H), Wilson (Rn), Drobnokhod (G), Mullen (P)
  • Player of the Match: Thomas Williams (Fa)


U15C WON 39-5

  • Player of the Match: Freddy Daniels (F)
  • Tries: Daniels (F) x3, Marriott (C) x2, Lodge (C), Tatham (Rn)


U15D WON 71-24

  • Tries: Pearson (H) x4, Boxer (G) x2, Buhagiar (Rn) x2, Keevil (C), Day (H), Christie (Fa)
  • Player of the Match: James Cossey (P)


U14A Lost 0-21

  • Players of the Match: Sam Craddock (H) and Lachie Thomson (Fa)


U14B WON 15-14

  • Tries: Cox (Rn), Kirby (C)
  • Players of the Match: The whole team – outstanding effort and resilience.


U14C WON 45-0

  • Tries: Cotton (F) x2, Dougherty (Fa), Moir (H), Barrett (H), Jones O (C), Cheeseman (P)
  • Players of the Match: The whole team.


U14D WON 55-0

  • Tries: Fitzhugh F (Fa) x2 , Stephen (H) x2, Reid (F) x2, Yuen (H), Darling (G), Esson (F)
  • Players of the Match: Toby Edwards (C) and Max Darling (G)