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International Men’s Day Marked Across The College

International Men’s Day gathers recognition year on year and the College aims to promote positive male role models, promote gender equality and celebrate the contribution that men make. Here is a summary of the activities:

  • In junior PSD lessons, we debated which male figures we considered positive and negative role models in society.
  • Senior students discussed how the concept of masculinity has changed over the last 30 years.
  • Based on the popular fundraising and charity initiative Movember, all Houses were invited to host a Mo Quiz, organised by the peer mentors, which included guessing the celebrity moustache, sports, general knowledge, geography, music and film.
  • Assistant Head: Pupil Welfare, Mrs Helen Keevil, is aiming to complete Move In Movember, to complete a total of 60km runs, to represent the 60 male suicides that happen per minute worldwide.

Mrs Helen Keevil, said: “Whilst working in Propert as a Tutor over five years ago, the boys always asked for more to be done to recognise International Men’s Day. I am grateful to the College community for ensuring we celebrate the contributions men make to society in such a positive way. Linking it back to mental and physical wellbeing has enabled us all to have more open, honest conversations about how we are feeling, and supporting each other if we are vulnerable.”