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Introducing Freddy Wickham, Assistant Director of Music

Freddy Wickham joined Epsom at the beginning of this academic year. Now, with half a term under his belt, we sit down with him for some quickfire questions by way of introduction.

Where were you before joining Epsom?

I taught Music at Churcher’s College in Hampshire for three years before joining Epsom in September. 

Where were you educated?

I grew up in South London, attended King’s College School Wimbledon and went on to study Music at Oxford University. 

When did your love of music begin?

My parents were both musical, my father is a professional singer, and my mother is a pianist and violinist; I learnt from them at a young age.

What attracted you to Epsom and what are you most looking forward to, working here?

There is a strong choral tradition which is embedded into the school, which was a big draw for me. The longer days offer the ability to host a wide range of musical activities and I am looking forward to all the different events and concerts throughout the school year. Just this week I sang with the choir at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was fantastic – having sung there myself as a pupil in a visiting choir, I remember the amazing feeling of singing in such a grand venue for the first time.

What aspirations do you have for the Music Department and what do you want to bring in your role?

We have reformed the Epsom College Symphony Orchestra this term after a period of absence, so one of my aims at the College is to bring orchestral music of the highest level to Epsom College concerts. I would also like to continue to develop the recently founded Lower School Chapel Choir.

What elements of College life are you involved with?

I am a tutor in Carr house and I will also be Musical Director of the Lower School Musical, The Dreaming, next term – which I am really looking forward to! I’m involved with the Symphony Orchestra, Barbershop, Chapel Choir, Chamber Choir, Lower School Chapel Choir, Lower School Concert Band and the Choral Society – so plenty to keep me busy!

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of school?

In my spare time I like to create and perform music with friends and family. I compose musical parodies and share them online to a modest YouTube following. I am also a keen tennis and cricket player in the summer months.