Introducing the College Prefects for 2018/19 | Epsom College
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Introducing the College Prefects for 2018/19

Fourteen pupils have been appointed as College Prefects for 2018/19, following an application and interview process. These students are now fulfilling their roles and carrying out duties within their houses and around the school, led by the Head of School for Michaelmas Term, Mackenzie Mully (R).

Alongside their individual house roles, prefects’ school-wide responsibilities include:

  • two weekly meetings with the Headmaster or Second Master
  • marshalling at school assemblies and in Chapel
  • ensuring that pupils are well-behaved in the Dining Hall
  • encouraging pupils to keep the campus clean and tidy
  • maintaining standards’ of pupils’ dress and appearance.

In addition to helping with the day-to-day running of their House and the School, prefects play an important part in creating the right atmosphere around the school, in which all pupils can thrive and make the most of their time at Epsom. We wish them luck in their new roles.

“This year’s cohort of perfects have really hit the ground running. They ensured the academic year began smoothly, and have worked hard to warmly welcome new pupils to the Epsom community.”

Paul Williams, Second Master.

College Prefects.

Head of School

Mackenzie Mully

Heads of Houses

Carr – Charlie Hodgson

Crawfurd – Valeria Lebedeva

Fayrer – William Page

Forest – Ebube Anyanechi

Granville – Lennan Day

Holman – Andrew Palmer

Murrell – Jasmine Bingham

Propert – Theo Alexis

Raven – Adahna Ekoku

Robinson – Fernando Daya

Rosebery – Sophie Rhodes

White – Kioni Wynter

Wilson – Sophia Soo