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Introducing the College Prefects for 2023-24

The incoming College Prefects will each take on the role of Head of House as well as working as a team assuming leadership responsibilities across the College. Meet the prefects for 2023-24 here.

Carr – Euan Edwards

My name is Euan and I am Head of House for Carr. I have been at the College since Year 7. I am currently studying Business, Maths and Economics for A-level, and I’m looking to study Business Management and Finance at university. Outside the classroom, I represent the College in many sports fixtures. 

As Head of House, I aim to create a friendly environment within the College and encourage peers to take part in many co-curricular activities.

Crawfurd – Emily Mitchell

I joined Epsom in Year 10 and, by luck, I was fortunate enough to be placed into Crawfurd. The atmosphere in Crawfurd truly is the most loving home and all the girls are like my family. I am so honoured and excited to become Crawfurd’s new Head of House.

For my A-levels I am studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry and have recently completed Core English. I love music and drama and have taken part in a school play every year since I joined. It is so entertaining to interact with the different years in school plays as well as in House! I have recently completed LAMDA Grade 8 and enjoy singing and playing guitar. I greatly enjoy playing sports especially House sport competitions which involve a lot of House spirit. 

I am most excited for the Choral Competition which takes place in September and is so entertaining!

Fayrer – Sean Cotton

My name is Sean Cotton. I joined the College in Year 9 and have loved every minute of it since. I am currently studying Physical Education, Business Management and Design Technology for my A-levels and I really enjoy them. I hope to further my education at university by studying Business and Finance. Outside of the classroom I keep myself busy, I play lots of sport and I proudly represent the College’s Football 1st XI as well as the Cricket 1st XI.

I have been appointed the Head of House for Fayrer for the 2023/24 academic year, it is an aim of mine to ensure a warm and positive environment around the House to allow every single member to prosper in all areas of school life.

Forest – Charlie Wells

I’m entering my fifth year in Forest, having joined in M4. I’m currently studying Economics, DT and Politics.

In my free time I attend the Politics Society where we debate current events and listen to interesting guest speakers. Alongside my interest in politics, I enjoy working with the Epsom College EDI department and have been involved with mentoring through the College’s peer-to-peer mentoring scheme.

I am a keen sportsman, although injury has curtailed my love of rugby to more of a coaching role. I represent the College in basketball, football and I also play volleyball.

I’m excited to take up the position of Head of House and feel honoured to represent Forest within the College. I am looking forward to working with all the year groups to help create a welcoming and positive environment for everyone in the House.

Granville – Kristo Georgiev

My name is Kristo and I am Head of House for Granville. I am currently studying Maths, Economics and Business for A-level and I thoroughly enjoy them. I have been a full boarder since Year 9 and I am interested in studying Economics and Finance for university. I regularly represent the College in sports fixtures.

Holman – Jamie Stephen

I have been a member of Holman House since starting at Epsom College in M4. I am originally from South Africa but have spent the last 7 years living in the UK. I am studying Art, Design & Technology and Maths for my A-levels and I just completed an EPQ focused on the social and political impact of hip-hop music. Outside of the classroom, I represent the College in basketball, while also playing football and tennis and I will be the new head of the Architecture Society next year.  

I am honoured to be the Head of House for an incredible community, with such a friendly and ambitious atmosphere. 

Murrell – Kristy McGuire

I am extremely proud to be the 2023/24 Head of House, I have been in Murrell since 2019 and value the House dearly. Murrell is a friendly and welcoming House where all the girls strive to achieve their very best. Murrell is inclusive, and we all have a deep-rooted love for our House.

I study BTEC Business, Photography and have been completing my EPQ. You will often find me on the tennis courts, the golf course, or in one of the many societies that the College has to offer. I am a member of the Philosophy Society and Climate Committee, I have also been involved in College plays, most recently completing my graded LAMDA examinations.

As Murrell’s school council representative, I have been able to communicate and voice the opinions of the Murrell family. Furthermore, I am a Peer Mentor, which has taught me invaluable skills to help and support the students in Murrell.

Propert – Stefano Di Rico

I have been in Propert since joining the College in M4 (Year 9). The House prides itself on our inclusive nature, ensuring that each student feels represented and where they can have meaningful conversations with all other members of the House.

I study Spanish, History, English Literature, and I have also undertaken an EPQ, with the intention to read International Relations with Spanish at university. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the Chapel Choir, as well as a variety of music ensembles including Big Band and Funk Band. I am also a keen tennis player.

I take part in the College’s Peer Mentoring programme participating in numerous events, as well as helping with the wellbeing provision at Epsom. I am also a member of YoungMinds’ Activist programme, contributing to the charity’s endeavours to improve the nation’s mental health support for young people.

Raven – Yasi Fryer

I joined Epsom as a part of the second Lower School cohort in 2017, and joined Raven House in the M4. I am currently studying Mathematics, Physics and Design Technology for my A-levels along with an EPQ. I am delighted to be able to represent Raven as Head of House because of its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and overwhelming sense of community.

Throughout my time at Epsom, I have loved representing the College in both the First Athletics and Hockey Teams. I am also a member of the Climate Committee and a Peer Mentor. On top of this, I have taken part in many College plays and musicals, which has allowed me to connect with pupils in many year groups and develop my public speaking skills.

Robinson – Ben Castle

My name is Ben, and I am Head of House for Robinson. My A-levels are Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science and I am looking to study Mechanical Engineering at university.

I joined Epsom in Year 9 in 2019 and throughout my time I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the College in sport, particularly rugby. I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent my House and help it prosper as a community.

Rosebery – Bella Buck

I have been a part of the Rosebery family since Year 9, joining the Lower School cohort of 2017. Rosebery is my home from home, it has a fun, warm and cosy spirit. Currently, I am studying English Literature, Politics and Art, as well as undertaking an EPQ. Within the Epsom College community, I have taken part in the Literature Society, the Epsom College podcast (Epsom Insight) and am an acting Peer Mentor. 

I love art and spend most of my free time in the John Piper Art School. Additionally, I take part in sporting commitments, representing the College in Hockey and Netball, but also thoroughly enjoying Athletics, Rounders, and Volleyball! 

White – Amy Henwood

My name is Amy. I joined Epsom in Year 7 and then joined White House in M4.

I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Further Maths for my A-levels and I am hoping to study Chemistry at university. I enjoy playing sport, especially Rugby, and I have represented the school in Netball, Hockey, Rugby, and Athletics. 

White House is a great House to be part of as everyone gets on really well and it is unique as we have both day and boarding pupils which provides a strong community feel. 

I particularly enjoy the Choral Competition which takes place in September and I am looking forward to being Head of House.

Wilson – Chloe McHaffey

My name is Chloe, and I joined Epsom College in Year 9 in 2019. I am honoured to be representing Wilson as the new Head of House as it is welcoming, united and has a family-like atmosphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and I will continue to make lasting memories.

I’m currently studying Business Management, Religious Studies and Politics A-level, I have also under-taken Core Maths as another qualification. I am hoping to study Philosophy and International Relations at university.

Besides being in the classroom, you will see me take part in a number of co-curricular activities such as the Food Committee, being Head of Media in Philosophy Society and being a member of Politics Society. I have also been involved as a key Peer Mentor by doing presentations to my cohort and to parents of the College, which has improved my skills in public speaking.