Junior Audition Workshop by Rosy Barber | Epsom College
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Junior Audition Workshop by Rosy Barber

On Tuesday 1 February, junior drama scholars took part in an audition workshop run by Rosy Barber, of ArtsEd.

Lower Fourth pupil, Brandon McGuinness, took part and writes: “It was extremely informative and interesting. As a group, I feel we learnt a lot about the confidence and composure you need to have as you enter an audition. 

“On Tuesday evening I was fortunate enough to meet with a few of the drama scholars from Third Form, Lower Fourth  and Middle Fourth to attend a workshop organised by Rosy Barber. The training focused on audition technique. We learnt tips and discussed pointers on how to act effectively and how to follow the instructions given by a person running the audition. In this session, we did several performances including ‘pretending you are advertising a famous company’ or ‘doing a duologue’. We each had the opportunity to perform to the group, and gain some very helpful feedback. It was easy to get up in front of everyone due to the happy atmosphere.

I feel much more prepared for the next audition that comes my way.”