Leavers' Concert - Senior Musicians Bow Out in Style | Epsom College
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Leavers’ Concert – Senior Musicians Bow Out in Style

A selection of senior musicians gave one of their final concerts at the College to a supportive audience of friends, family and staff. The eclectic programme featured music making of an exceptionally high-quality. The evening was a testament to how much music meant to them and what a significant part it had played in their lives throughout their time at Epsom College.


  • Waltz from Suite Antique (Rutter), by Ben Abbott (C) on flute
  • The Entertainer (Joplin), by Giles Malone (P) on piano
  • Someone to Watch Over Me from Oh, Kay! (Gershwin) sung by Stephanie Chu (Wh)
  • Nuvole Bianche (Einaudi), by Tom Williams (P) on piano
  • The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha (Leigh), sung by Will Ludlow (Rn)
  • Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon (Chinese Trad.), by Dominic Nong (G) on piano
  • Make You Feel My Love (Adele), by Ellie Jackson (Rv)  and Jasmine Bingham (M) on vocals and piano
  • L’Ultima Canzone (Tosti), sung by Ben Abbott (C)
  • I Giorni (Einaudi), by Amy Taylor (Rv) on piano
  • Girl in 14G (Tesori), sung by Jasmine Bingham (M)
  • Sonata for Oboe and Piano Op. 100, 1st movement: Con moto (Rubbra), by Louise Tennent (Rv) on oboe
  • Tonight at Eight from She Loves Me (Bock), sung by Matthew Green (F)
  • Sonata K309 in C major, 1st movement: Allegro con spirito (Mozart), by Yaya Huang (Wh) on piano
  • Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar (Lloyd Webber), sung by Harry Milne (P)
  • Popular from Wicked (Schwartz) sung by Katie Vickers (Rv)
  • Bang Bang Bang (Big Bang), performed by Natalie Chak (Wh), Kay Chan (Wh), Ruby Chang (Wh), Paulina Chen (Wh) and Kiky Chow (Wh)