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London War Memorials Guided Walk

Last Sunday, on a beautiful spring morning, nearly 80 pupils, parents and grandparents (and a plethora of dogs), gathered at Colicci Speakers Corner Cafe for Sir Anthony’s ‘War Memorial Walk’.

Sir Anthony skillfully guided us around the war memorials of central London, including the poignant ‘Animals in War’ memorial on Park Lane by Hyde Park; Wellington Arch; and the memorials for Australians; Royal Artillery; New Zealanders and Bomber Command.

We admired the Commonwealth Memorial Gates and Canadian Memorial in Green Park, where – we discovered – a river once ran. Lunch in St. James’s Park was followed by a visit to the King George VIth and Queen Elizabeth Memorial. Then onwards to the statue of Sir Charles de Gaulle and the Artillery Memorial at Horse Guards Parade.

The group ended the tour at the Cabinet War Rooms, having walked down Horse Guards Avenue past the Cenotaph. We learnt many fascinating facts about each memorial as well as having some reflective moments. Sir Anthony brought to life the history and importance of each site with his unique knowledge and understanding of their significance.

As one parent reflected: “Sir Anthony’s tour reminded me of the importance of maintaining and preserving these War Memorials and educating our children on their continued relevance, as they remain respectful tributes to those they honour.”

The overwhelming sentiment from the group, illustrated by the rapturous applause at the end of the tour, was: brilliant Sir Anthony…encore!

By parent, Amanda Mathers (President of Friends of Epsom College)