Lower School perform Macbeth at the Leatherhead Drama Festival | Epsom College
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Lower School perform Macbeth at the Leatherhead Drama Festival

Epsom College’s Lower School pupils were the first to take to the stage to perform their innovative and fresh take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Their interpretation was set in a post-apocalyptic world where the only survivors were children. Congratulations to the cast, in particular to Emma Wright (GH) who was given a special mention from the judges for her outstanding portrayal of Macbeth. Here, Emma reports on the event:

“This great performance marked the end of a journey which started back in September 2018. From the auditions, which were nerve-wracking and exciting, to the rehearsals twice a week, I enjoyed every moment thoroughly and I am sure the whole cast enjoyed every bit of the journey too.

“One of the best moments was the Sunday tech rehearsal with the whole cast. Everyone had a great time but it was also emotional because it was the first time that we conquered running through the whole play without mishap.

“Another memorable moment was being assigned our costumes and collaborating to make them the best they could be. Everyone had a different costume and everyone stood out in their own unique way.

“The Dress Rehearsal in Big School in front of all of our peers was a challenge, but at the same time gratifying. A huge amount of ‘toil and trouble’ peaked in an extremely enjoyable night for all of us, and hopefully for the audience too.

“Playing the character of Macbeth was an honour and a real joy. Engaging ourselves with the Bard’s most excellent English was a real challenge for us all. Impressive performances were seen across the board. I think that the physical numbers for example – the battles, the crowning, the murders, the list goes on – were particularly effective and left an extraordinary impression on the adjudicator and the audience. I worked very well with Seren Callaghan (Hu), who played Lady Macbeth. We were a great pair.

What made this experience special to me was seeing the group work through the creative process and come together to tell a classic story in a thought-provoking and original way.

“The adjudicator said the play floated smoothly from one scene to the next. And that is what I felt like on the stage, floating on the magical imagery created by Shakespeare’s words.

“The festival runs until next week after which the final results will be announced. Thanks to all who took part and a special word of thanks for Ms Nussbaum, which was an amazing mentor and director and without whom this wonderful evening would not have been possible.

“To conclude I will insert my favourite lines from the entire play:

“Stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires…”

“Life’s but a walking shadow.”