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Lower School Pupil’s Poetry Anthology is Published

Lower School pupil Ariya Agarwal (GH) has published an anthology of poems that she wrote over the lockdown period. The anthology focuses on the threats facing the world, such as the extinction of animals. Here she shares what inspired her to put pen to paper.

“When I was in Year 6 I saw one of my classmates dropping a piece of cling film to the ground, noticing it and not picking it up. A few moments later, a bird flew to the ground and studied the dropped litter. I urged to go pick up the plastic before anything unfortunate were to happen. However, as I made my way down the stone steps under the trees to go pick it up, the innocent bird had already engulfed it into its body. I watched the bird fight for air, killed by something we did.

“This is when I grew the idea of my book Eyes of Extinction, a call for awareness so that we can fight, like that bird did, to stop all the unacceptable actions we are doing to other species. Eyes of Extinction is a set of poems that I wrote about animal rights and what I believe should stop. Needs to stop.”