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Lower Sixth Students Compete In ESU Mace Debating Tournament

On Thursday, three Lower Sixth students competed in the second round of the prestigious ESU Mace Debating tournament against many of the best schools in South London.

Matthew Jones (C), Theo Mully (P) and Thomas Stannard (C) were tasked with proposing the following motion: This house regrets the commercialisation of Pride.

The students prepared thoroughly to make a complex case centred on the notion that commercialisation is hypocritical and dilutes the political messages of the LGBT rights movement.

Matthew and Theo commanded the room with their opening speeches; the judges were particularly effusive in their praise of their charisma and presence. Thomas did an excellent job of summarising the debate and answering questions from the audience. All of the boys were vigilant in offering points of rebuttal to the opposition, in many cases leaving them at a loss for words.

While we did not progress to the regional finals on this occasion, the judges, other teachers, and parents who were present all commended the eloquence and magnetism of our speakers. From this tournament, the boys gained an invaluable life experience that has enhanced their public speaking skills and confidence immeasurably.