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Lower Sixth Symposium Sparks Debate

Over 80 Lower Sixth students from three schools gathered at Epsom on Thursday for our annual Lower Sixth Symposium.

It was wonderful to host the Lower Sixth Symposium on Thursday with 80 Lower Sixth students from Epsom College, City of London Freemen’s School and Blenheim High School coming together to take part in a series of university style seminar discussions.

Students were paired up with a partner (someone from another school where possible) and tasked with preparing a short presentation on a topic related to their preferred degree course. There were five seminar groups covering Economics, Geography, Law, Philosophy, Medicine and Engineering. 

Topics included ‘The social and psychological benefits of speaking more than one language’, ‘Should UK law be changed to allow assisted dying?’, ‘Is space exploration a suitable use of resources?’, ‘How certain is Maths?’, ‘Should CEOs have a salary limit?’ and ‘How easy was it for women to succeed in Ancient Greece and Rome?’.

Epsom College’s Assistant Head: Head of Sixth Form, Nick Russell said:

“This has been such a heartening, interesting and stimulating event. It’s brought people together to discuss matters of interest and importance to them. Students from different schools have researched, reflected, explored, collaborated to craft and shape ideas, and then presented to others to facilitate further discussion and enquiry. It is an illustration of education at its best and I have been privileged to be a part of it.”

Blenheim’s, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Dave Harris, added:

“The Symposium was a really great event – a wonderful opportunity for students to develop soft skills through academic research.”

Students from all three schools commented on how much they enjoyed taking part in the symposium, learning something new,  hearing contrasting viewpoints and immersing themselves in an academic discussion outside of the usual classroom environment.