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Lunar New Year Celebrations

On Tuesday and Wednesday the College celebrated The Lunar New Year. Activities included Chinese calligraphy, the ‘Chopstick Challenge’, various Chinese boardgames, Chinese paper art and a shuttlecock competition, all in honour of the Year of the Tiger.

Upper Sixth pupil, Michelle Lim, reflects on the event:

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year and is celebrated by more than a billion people worldwide. To mark the Year of the Tiger, the College produced a spectacle for Chinese New Year, with a large proportion of the international community within the College celebrating this festival.  

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Main Hall was transformed into a remarkable exhibit with lanterns, red lights, blessings written in calligraphy, and traditional decorations embellishing the room.

An array of activities took place in the form of a carousel. This ranged from Mahjong and ‘Chopstick Challenges’ to traditional calligraphy, fan painting, and shuttlecock games.

Board games, such as Chinese checkers, also proved to be popular, with many students playing multiple rounds. Pupils received Chinese treats such as egg rolls and fortune cookies and were also given red pockets with chocolate money to bring luck. The smiles and laughter which filled the hall illustrated the animated atmosphere and joy whilst celebrating the festivities.”