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Maintaining Propert’s Grave

In 1999 the College Council requested that the grave of our founder, Dr John Propert, be located and reported on. It was found in All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green, in a total state of disrepair.

On clearing the overgrown foliage, the severely damaged headstone was also found. In 2000, the memorial was dismantled and replaced with a new design. The wording on the new memorial is the exact text as on the previous and the wrought iron railings surrounding the edifice are also the original.

On the 13 June 2001, the grave was re-dedicated by Father Bryan Roberts and Canon Paul Thompson in the company of members of the College Council, the then Headmaster, the Bursar, Common Room members, and members of the College Choir representing the student body and parents.

The responsibility of maintaining the grave stays with the College today. An annual visit is made by College Archivist Rebecca Jallot and volunteers to keep the grave in order. This visit took place over Half Term and the memorial is still in excellent condition.

If you wish to visit the grave the reference is ‘Dr John Propert MD 20540/126/RS’.