Manchester City FC Academy Pre-Season Tour | Epsom College
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Manchester City FC Academy Pre-Season Tour

Thirty-two players left for a three-day intensive tour to the Manchester City Academy. A squad of U15s and a mixture of U16s and U17/18s enjoyed high-quality coaching sessions following the City ‘style of play’ and encompassing Epsom’s developing philosophy of expansive football played with pace and technical ability.

Sessions also included recovery techniques following two gruelling matches against tough physical opponents from Barr Hill FC.

The U15s played very well and narrowly lost 4-2. In an equally physical encounter, the mixed U16 and U17 squad members settled into their match and dominated possession against an U17 side from Barr Hill. Despite going 1-0 down the squad played exceptionally high-quality football and Epsom took control of the game, winning comfortably 3-1, and could have won by significantly more.

Other highlights saw the tourists enjoy a customary foray to the ten pin bowling. Rob Seale – having trailed the Head of Football for the first nine frames – managed to sneak victory on his last bowl of the ball! The tour was topped off by a visit to the Etihad Stadium to watch Man City beat Port Vale 4-1 in the Third Round of the FA Cup, in a packed stadium.

Conduct was exemplary from all who attended and the coaches at Manchester City paid high praise to the efforts of the players and the levels they reached and demonstrated during the three-day visit. Every single player excelled and made superb progress.

Thanks go to Rob Seale, Chris Telfer-Mason and Damian Shirazi for their help in running the tour in a seamless manner, with such good humour and outstanding support for our tourists.

Mr Mike Day