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Mandarin Speaking Competition Final

Six pupils attended the final of the Mandarin-Speaking Competition, run by the British Council and HSBC – Daisy Collins  (M), Daisy Palmer (Rv), Ella Beswick (W), Zachary Naughton (H), Myles Eckes (H) and Luke Gordon-Pullar (G).

At the start of the competition, there were more than one hundred schools involved, and the pupils have been rehearsing since the end of November.

Pupil, Daisy Collins, who wrote and performed the script, said: “Overall,  I gained so much experience from the Mandarin-speaking competition, especially with leading and organising the group. Although all the Group members all have very busy schedules and have many commitments, I really appreciated their dedication and hard work into our group’s performance. On the day of the final, even though we were all nervous, it was incredible to see other students embracing and interpreting the Chinese culture in their group performances.”