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Miniature Books Project

The library is inviting members of the College community to make a miniature book and submit photos for an online gallery, to be followed by an exhibition of the actual books once we are back in school.

The subject and content can be whatever you choose: a story you’ve written, a collection of pictures you’ve drawn, your own ABC or poetry book – or maybe the ultimate Favourite Recipes of Lockdown.

There are instructions on how to make a miniature book in the YouTube video from the British Library here.

You don’t have to follow the video instructions precisely, but your page size should be approx 75x52mm and your book a minimum of 8 pages plus cover.

(Tip – if you don’t have the right size elastic band for binding use a piece of thread and knot it tightly.)

Make sure you have a title page with the title and your name as author, and if you use quotes or pictures by someone else, make sure you say where they come from.

Email a photo of the cover and your two favourite inside spreads to by 22 March for our online gallery. Then keep hold of your book as we’ll be inviting you to send it in for an exhibition later in the year (but will ensure it is returned to you).

The invitation is open to all ages, pupils, staff and families, and multi-author works are welcome (ie you could submit a book made with someone else or a team effort).

To find out about the history of miniature books in the British Library’s collection (and get some tips on mini bookmaking from children’s authors and illustrators) see here – but remember our’s is an invitation for books for all ages – your miniature book doesn’t have to be made for toys or children!