Model United Nations at Guildford High School | Epsom College
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Model United Nations at Guildford High School

Another day, another ‘W’. Whilst The delegation of Libya narrowly missed out on being awarded Outstanding Delegation, there were a number of prominent victories in three of the five committees that they debated in.

Unbelievably, Emily Vandrau (R) completed a clean sweep this season, being awarded Outstanding Delegate in the Security Council (ie. best delegate at the Conference) in a marathon of diplomatic flare lasting five hours and described graphically by her as “a blood bath”.

Elsewhere, Caroline Lansdown (Wh) and Theo Mully (P) were awarded Highly Commended Delegate prizes, placing them both in the top 10 at the Conference. Overall, and with the welcome support of Anna Demenok (Wh) and Wendy Wong (Wh) in the remaining committees, it was an impressive performance from our top delegation.

Additionally, representing Norway, the MUN Society fielded a novice delegation comprised of Jay Doshi (Fa), Teo Mladenov (H), Verity Russell (R), and Furaha Wasunna (W). All put in robust debating performances, and both Jay and Verity were name-checked in the Closing Ceremony as delegates worth watching for the future.

George Greenbury