Mums' Army CCF Fundraiser for Just A Drop Campaign | Epsom College
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Mums’ Army CCF Fundraiser for Just A Drop Campaign

Epsom mums united for an afternoon of CCF activities – from pitching tents and tackling the confidence course to marching drills, orienteering and air rifle shooting.

The event was held in support of charity Just a Drop, an international water charity working to provide access to clean, safe water and sanitation to communities across the world, founded by ex-Epsom mum Fiona Jeffery.

Last year, the money raised helped to support 1,775 people in Butega Village, Uganda to gain access to safe water and sanitation through the drilling of four wells, the provision of hygiene and sanitation training, as well as supporting more vulnerable people at their homes with rainwater tanks and toilets.

For more information on Just a Drop please follow this link.

Thank you to all the Epsom mums who took part in a wonderful initiative and who got a taste of what our pupils undertake as part of the CCF programme.