Netball Round-Up - 18 January | Epsom College
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Netball Round-Up – 18 January

The first weekend of the term saw some excellent results in netball, culminating in the 1st VII’s victory against PGS to take them into the quarterfinals of the national Independent Schools’ Cup. Read the full match report here.

Most matches were played against St John’s, and Epsom came out on top. Overall, the girls enjoyed a 66% success rate against St John’s and a 75% success rate against Sevenoaks.

The 1st team lost a close game 29-25, recovering from a slow start to push the strong St John’s team close in a game where defences were very impressive, typified by Ebube Akojie (Wh) and Sophie Rhodes (R) selected as players of the match.

All the other senior teams won their games well. The 2nd team enjoyed a really close battle, emerging 28-26 victors, thanks in large part to Maggie Diri’s (W) shooting. Polly Murray (Cr), Fatima Kamarudin (Wh) and Chrissy Maye (R) were the stand out players in the 3rd, 4th and 5th team victories respectively.


In the U16s, the A team played a triangular, beating St John’s 13-10 thanks to Jess Haigh (R), followed by a close defeat against Sevenoaks when the girls only lost their way in the final quarter. Lulu Candlish (Rv) stood out in this game.

The B team also had a triangular, winning both matches 12-7 and 12-3, Holly Darlaston (R) and Remi Adeniji (W) players of these matches. The C team won a tight game against Sevenoaks, too.


In the U15s, the A team had a tough afternoon against a team whose shooter hardly missed a shot at goal. The B and C teams won, though, with Alessia Boot (R) and Bella Watkins (R) standing out.

The D team beat St John’s 28-1 with Freya Calvert (Rv) and Daisy Edwards (Cr) scoring some great goals, before they went on to beat Sevenoaks, thanks in large part to Tilly White (R). On¬†Thursday there were wins for the Cs and Ds against Reigate Grammar, though the other sides lost close matches.


The U14As started the season well with a 23-14 win against St John’s. Amelia Thomson (Wh), Delphine Ayitey-Hammond (Rv) and Polly Campbell (Rv) were the star players in this very encouraging performance.

The Bs, Cs and Ds all lost really close matches where only a couple of points separated the teams, but the Ds did beat Sevenoaks in their triangular match. Sophie Edison (M), Olivia Thompson-Brown (M), Ella Clinton (Cr), Bethany Walsh (R) and Nikita Dhar (Rv) were the stand out players in these games.

In the week, the U14A-E teams enjoyed a clean sweep of victories against strong Lingfield opposition, showing character to secure some tight matches.

Lower School

In the Lower School, six matches out of eight were won against St John’s. The U13A team enjoyed a 27-24 win with Yasi Fryer (Wa) and Freya Johnson (GH) players of the match, while there were good wins for the B and D teams. The As lost out by a point in the midweek matches against Cranleigh Prep but the other U13 sides were all unbeaten.

The U12As also won, 20-8, thanks in large part to Mia Herbert’s (GH) shooting, while the Cs and Ds also had excellent victories.