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New Lower Fourth Role: Heads of House

We have created a new role of responsibility for the current Third Form to assume as they transition to Lower Fourth in September: Head of House. The first Lower School Heads of House will be Max Springett for Jeffery, Phetolo Maila for Hutchison, Sienna Lewis for Glyn-Hughes and Ana Clara Rocha-Pannetier for Wardroper.

Max, Phetolo, Sienna and Ana Clara stood out as the strongest candidates from an impressive field, and were selected after a rigorous selection process which involved:

  • a written application
  • an interview and conduct review
  • a pitch to their Form
  • a Form vote
  • Tutor comment


Max Springett (Jeffery)

“I applied for this role because it was a new exciting opportunity to take on. Next year I am looking forward to leading Jeffery and trying to make it the best house it can be.”

“For all the new Third Form coming in next year I will try to be as inclusive as possible and also create a close bond between the Third Formers and Lower Fourth. The best moment this year for me would be interhouse football because it was really fun to have that competitive spirit.”


Phetolo Maila (Hutchison)

“I applied for this role because I wanted to take some responsibility for my House. I am looking forward to choosing a House charity. I will make the new Third Form feel welcome by telling them all of the good things about the school. My highlight of this year at the College was the trip to Chessington World Of Adventures.”


Sienna Lewis (Glyn-Hughes)

“I applied for this role because I have experience in prefect roles and I wanted a sense of leadership and responsibility. I am most excited to help the Third Formers and make sure they are OK with everything. Hopefully the Third Formers will feel comfortable around me because I hope I seem like a caring person and I hope that I would be a good listener. The highlight of my first year has been playing cricket matches and making some amazing friends through a team sport.”


Ana Clara Rocha-Pannetier (Wardroper)

“I applied to this role because I thought it would be a good chance to show that I am confident and determined. The thing I am most looking forward to is welcoming the Third Form and engaging with the College even more. I will make the Third Formers feel welcome by being kind to them and making sure they have a good experience in their first year. I loved meeting my new friends here and I hope future years will have as much of a great experience as I have had in my first year here.”