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GreenPower Racing Season Opens in Style

Twelve pupils ventured to Goodwood Motor Circuit for the first F24 and F24+ races of the new season.

In advance of the new GreenPower season, Epsom’s STEM teams have worked hard to redesign some aerodynamics, re-wire their electric racecars and carry out data logging. With both cars passing scrutineering, the teams prepared them for the practice session which tested updates and tried to resolve a reoccurring electronic problem with EC Rider.

The first F24 race of the day was a 90-minute race with three mandatory driver changes. Epsom’s teams – who were driving EC Racer and Veloce EC Rider – competed against 80 other teams. EC Racer was driven by Charlie Holt, Zac Power and Tan Chiba. EC Rider was driven by Jake Barton, Sam Clinton and Tom Lovett.

Unfortunately, the electronic problems struck again, and Veloce EC Rider only managed 9.47 miles before having to retire. EC Racer fared better and completed 18.46 miles in the first race but also ran out of power towards the end. The team used the time between races to change motor and gear settings ahead of the afternoon races.

The F24+ race followed lunch, with Kalina Hristova and Thomas Stapley taking on the driving duties for the one-hour race. Both drove very well: Kalina had to contend with overheating issues which unfortunately forced her to retire early, while Thomas completed 24.2 miles. Thomas finished 15th overall and 6th in class, picking up three championship points that count towards qualification for the international finals.

In the second F24 race of the day, both teams improved on earlier performances despite a red flag stopping the race for 15 minutes. Veloce EC Rider, driven by Zac Power, Charlie Holt and Quintus Hui, completed 14.20 miles. This saw the team finish 69th overall and 44th in class. EC Racer, driven by Aran Pramoj, Harry Swan and Tom Lovett, had a great race, making 43 overtakes, completing 26.60 miles, with Harry Swan setting our fastest lap of 5 minutes 40 seconds. This resulted in the team finishing 23rd overall (out of 80) and 14th in class.

With the next race scheduled for 2 June at Castle Coombe, the team has some work to do to ensure both cars can compete nearer the front of the grid as we look to break into the top 10 in class and hopefully challenge for podiums later in the year.  

The team would like to thank Dr Telfer-Mason and Mr Chiba for accompanying them and a big thank you to our sponsors; Veloce Racing and XXV Sportswear.