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OE Takes on The World’s Toughest Row

Elliot Awin (Holman 2000-2005) is currently taking part in the World’s Toughest Row – 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean from San Sebastian, Spain, all the way over to Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua & Barbuda.

The World’s Toughest Row is an annual race, with around 30 teams taking on the incredible challenge each year. Elliot is taking this unique experience to even greater lengths in an endeavour to become the first person to solo row the Atlantic with a pacemaker.

Following five years of being in and out of hospitals trying to maintain a regular heart rhythm, Elliot Awin became the recipient of a CRT-P device (pacemaker) in February 2020 and is now on a mission to show that, despite a life-changing condition, adventure really is still possible.  

The physical challenge faced by the row is extreme, with over 12 hours of rowing each day, and an anticipated 1.5 million oar strokes undertaken each race. Rowers are due to burn in excess of 5,000 calories per day, losing on average 8kg during a crossing. 

Elliot left La Gomea in San Sebastian on the 13 December and, solo and unsupported, he has just crossed the halfway point –  an unbelievable achievement already. Elliot is documenting the highs and lows of his journey via WhatsApp and Instagram and gaining great comfort and motivation from the warming messages of encouragement from his followers.

Elliot is an absolute inspiration to all of us here at the OE Club, we are rooting for him on what surely is the World’s Toughest Row and wish him all the success he so truly deserves.

You can follow Elliot’s Instagram @elliotawin