OE vs College Golf at Walton Heath | Epsom College
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OE vs College Golf at Walton Heath

With a formidable OE side, comprising members of the all powerful OE Halford Hewitt team, the College golfers had a challenging afternoon.

Although the College lost 4-0 playing against such talented golfers, the pupils were able to learn a great deal from the experience.

Over some refreshments after the game, stories were swapped about life at Epsom from the various generations and much fun was had by all.


Liam Colohan and Toby Reynolds v Harry Marchesi and John Collier – lost 5 and 4.

Oscar Lent and Joss Wells v Danny Cullen and Adam Maurice – lost 6 and 5.

Will Hewitt and Jamie Reid v Chris Hyland and Matt Sutherland – lost 4 and 3.

Alex McWilliam v Jeremy Morgan – lost 3 and 2.