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Operation Wallacea Expedition to Mexico

A Journey into Biodiversity and Exploration

In July, 19 students led by Mr Smith, Ms Kelly, and Mr Nuthall embarked on a two-week Operation Wallacea Expedition in Mexico. The journey began with a taste of Cancun’s heat and a comfortable stay at Hotel Adhara. Venturing to Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, the group embraced the Selva Maya’s canopy, encountering diverse creatures and basic amenities. Engaging in habitat surveys, nocturnal bat and bird surveys, mammal and herpetofauna explorations, and more, students delved into the jungle’s secrets. A visit to Calakmul’s ancient Mayan ruins enriched their cultural experience. The second week shifted to Akumal Bay’s marine exploration, observing reef ecology and earning diving qualifications. Turtles, rays, groupers, and vibrant coral captivated them. The expedition culminated with farewells, acknowledging new friendships and the Operation Wallacea staff’s commendation. Ms. Kelly and Mr. Nuthall’s support was vital, making this journey a transformative exploration of biodiversity, teamwork, and discovery.

By Nicholas Smith, Biology Department