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Over 300 pupils take part in Instrumental Competition

Over 300 students performed in this year’s Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition, which took place on Thursday 24 January and culminated in two superb Winners’ Concerts last week.

The annual competition, which operates as a music festival, with pupils entered in classes appropriate to their playing standard, reflects the rich diversity of music at the College.

The external adjudicators this year were Miss Katie Holmes, Mr Ewan Stockwell, Mr Joseph Waggott and Mr Dominic Palmer.

The winner of each class earned a place in the Winners’ Concert but all performers scored marks which go towards the House average score. The overall House winner this year was Murrell, with Raven placed second and Fayrer third.

Performed in front of an enthusiastic audience of parents, pupils and guests in Big School, the Winners’ Concert covered an enormous range of styles and genres and pupils from a range of year groups and musical experiences presented well-polished and engaging performances.


This year’s performers were:

Beginner Drums

Thomas Williams (Fa, M4), Do I Wanna Know – Turner

Beginner Guitar

Polly Campbell (Rv, M4), Gotta Lotta Rosa – Bennett

Beginner Piano

Dylan Dhanani (C, M4), Gypsy Song – Kelly

Beginner Strings & Wind

Daniel Lodge (C, M4), One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story – Bernstein


Elementary Brass

Annabelle Harper (M, M4), Walking in the Air from The Snowman – Blake

Elementary Drums

Daniel Lodge (C, M4), Indecisive – Uings

Elementary Guitar

Matthew Jones (C, Fifth) – unable to perform on the evening

Elementary Piano

Sophie Lonnon (W, L6), Sonatina in A Minor – Benda

Elementary Singing (mixed)

Polly Campbell (Rv, M4), Out Here on My Own from Fame – Cara

Elementary Strings

Sharon Ho (W, M4), Ecossaise Op.121 – Carulli

Elementary Woodwind

Bertie Gathercole (H, Fifth), I Love My Love – Cornish Traditional arr. Bullard


Intermediate Brass

James Macfarlane (Rn, Fifth), Concerto for Trombone third movement: Allegro – Rimsky-Korsakov

Intermediate Guitar

Frank Yao (F, Fifth), Gigue from Suite in D Minor – De Visee

Intermediate Percussion

Solomon Ekoku (Fa, U4), A Little Prayer – Glennie

Intermediate Piano

John Wu (G, Fifth Form), Waltz in B Minor, Op.69, No.2 – Chopin

Intermediate Singing (boys)

Barney Fildes (P, U4), Music for a While from Oedipus – Purcell

Intermediate Singing (girls)

Ariana Menassa (Rv, U4), Shallow from A Star is Born – Lady Gaga

Intermediate Strings

Giles Malone (P, U6), Sonata for Violin in C Minor, third movement: Scherzo and Trio – Beethoven

Intermediate Woodwind

Summie Cheng (Cr, Fifth), Ignition – Parker


Advanced Brass

Andrew Palmer (H, U6), Olympus – Douglas Court

Advanced Guitar

Oliver Healy-Millett (P, L6), Lenny – Ray Vaughan

Advanced Piano

Paulina Chen (Wh, U4), Jasmine Flower – Chinese Traditional

Advanced Piano (post Grade 8)

Dominic Nong (G, U6), Piano Sonata No59 in E flat major, 1st movement: Allegro – Haydn

Advanced Singing (boys)

Tom Bulmer (F, Fifth Form), The Lady is a Tramp from Babes in Arms – Rodgers and Hart

Advanced Singing (girls)

Jasmine Bingham (M, U6), Girl in 14G – Tesori

Advanced Strings

Waleed Alzarooni (H, L6), Gigue from Partita no2 in D Minor – JS Bach

Advanced Woodwind

Suzie Zu (W, U4), Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, second movement: Lento – Horowitz