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Oxford Computing Challenge 2021

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of certificates in this year’s Oxford Computing Challenge problem solving competition. The Oxford Computing Challenge is organised following the Bebras Challenge national results, a competition round reserved to students who scored in the top 10% in the country in their age category.

In a most challenging year, our students once again demonstrated their computing potential, and I am listing below the certificate winners:


Reuben Smith, Third Form


Rufus Ford, Benjamin Senior, Hugo Patin, Finley Vowles – Third Form

Clementine Curham – Lower Fourth

Thomas Stapely, Rosie Hickinbotham, Olivia Key, Zac Power, Jason Cheung – Middle Fourth

Lydia Yang – Upper Sixth

A special mention goes to Reuben Smith whose score places him not only at the top of the entire college, but also gains him a place in the final. Should this have been a regular year, Reuben would have been invited to Oxford University for the final round, and participated in a series of challenges with similarly skilled students in the country. This year, however, the final round will happen in College, and details will be passed to him shortly.

Very well done to all who prepared and gave this competition a go – roll on 2022.

Sorina Biletchi, Head of Computing