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Parking Notification

Please can we ask all parents to observe the parking restrictions in and around College grounds. Changes were brought in over Christmas to increase the safety of pupils and pedestrians, and to ensure the safe flow of traffic around the site.

As a reminder:

  • Parents of pupils in Murrell and Fayrer should park in the main car park to collect their children and should not drive up to the Houses. The car park is clearly signposted and accessible either from the Sports Centre entrance on Longdown Lane or the main entrance on College Road.
  • Please do not park to the side of the Medical Centre, even for a short period of time to pick up or drop off children. Doing so endangers pupils, causing them walk around parked vehicles and into the path of traffic exiting the site.
  • No parking is allowed in the coach parking bays adjacent to Granville.

Thank you for help and support in keeping the College site safe for our pupils.