Philosophy Society mark centenary of Armistice Day | Epsom College
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Philosophy Society mark centenary of Armistice Day

Today, the Philosophy Society marked the centenary of Armistice Day with a debate against the History Society. There was standing room only in a packed Main Hall, as Theo Mully (P) and Emily Vandrau (R) went head-to-head with Zoë Long (R) and Harry Patterson (C) to debate the motion: ‘Pacifism is the only way forwards’ (proposed by the Philosophy Society).

The entire event was organised by the Philosophy Society, with Guy Peppiatt (F) spearheading advertising and logistics, Mackenzie Mully (R) arranging and orchestrating the mechanics of the debate, and Curtis Day (H), Seumus MacLeod (H), and Shiva Sadhu (F) pulling together the complex audio-visual set-up under the watchful eye of Rob (cc). Rufus Dent and Anastasia Grant were also instrumental in the smooth running of the entire affair.

The debate will form a video installation at the forthcoming Remembrance event at Epsom Playhouse, seeking to focus attention on the underlying issues with human attitudes towards a war that may have precipitated one of the greatest losses of life in modern history.

All four speakers spoke incredibly articulately and passionately on both sides of the debate, but in the final analysis of a very finely balanced affair, the Philosophy Society just won out (as adjudicated by Mackenzie, the impartial adjudicator with a foot in both societies). As Guy reflected at the conclusion of the debate: “it certainly provided food for thought at the beginning of the weeks leading up to Remembrance.”

By George Greenbury