Portugal Tennis Tour 2019 | Epsom College
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Portugal Tennis Tour 2019

The Portugal Tennis Tour will be remembered for the wonderful weather we had and the great improvement the students made.

The 5-star coaches drove our pupils with intensity and a light touch, and always spoke very highly of the pupils’ athleticism, enthusiasm and camaraderie on and off the pitch.

Great praise for progress over for the four days goes to Gina Liebenberg (Rv), Jacob Hansson (C), Olivier Wong (G), and Zach Alfalahi (C). Juju Walsh (R) was the runner up for listening to coaches tips and implementing them and Iacopo di Rico (P) won the tour trophy for his exemplary attitude and sportsmanship.

The students played against KCS Wimbledon and made the college proud. They looked fantastic in their matching tour kit and were victorious with Jacob and Zach winning. Lots of players were singled out in different sessions however the coaches praised all for their improved technique, focus and match play.

A great time was had by all. Thank you to the coaches who accompanied me – Mrs Keevil, Mr Telfer- Mason and Mr Wilson.

By Sue Church-Jones