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Prefect Leadership Day

This week the 14 College Prefects appointed for 2022-23 underwent a day of training before they take up their roles in September. The session was run by Ian Davies from Team Thinking, a company that specialises in enhancing individual, team and leadership performance through coaching and tailor-made training programmes. He has over 18 years’ experience in running experiential learning with global organisations in the UK, SE Asia and the Middle East.

The day focussed on learning to work together as team, how to work with all different sorts of characters and how to problem solve as a group. This included practical tasks, goal setting and role plays. It also covered body language and setting the right example as role models for the rest of the College.

The day concluded with a dinner hosted by Mr Williams, Second Master. He said: “Our new College Prefects benefited hugely from talking, working and just being together for the whole day. Learning to work together as team, and supporting each other, are key skills to learn which will help them through the next twelve months. Ian Davies was impressed with their approach to the day, how they supported each other at all times and really took the time to bond as a team. They emerged at the end of a long day tired but happy and looking forward to assuming their roles in September”.

2022-23 College Prefects

  • Carr – Daniel Lodge
  • Crawfurd – Mojo Ojo (Sienna Romero-Cameron while Mojo is Head of School)
  • Fayrer – Lucas Schmid
  • Forest – Caius Luckyn-Malone
  • Granville – Vladyslav Drobnokhod
  • Holman – Lochlan Kirwan
  • Murrell – Amy Scerri
  • Propert – Finn Davies
  • Raven – Alice Griffin
  • Robinson – Joe Patient
  • Rosebery – Meely Thesiger
  • White – Jessica Dyson
  • Wilson – Charlotte Prideaux