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Preparations Underway for Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon

The upcoming Lunar New Year brings the Year of the Dragon, fifth in the 12-animal Chinese zodiac cycle. Pupils on the EDI committee have been working hard to put together some activities for the whole Epsom community to join.

When you walk past the quad, you will notice the trees are decorated with beautiful handmade Chinese lanterns which symbolise people letting go of the past year and welcoming the new year with good fortune. Other planned activities include traditional games, exchange a Chinese proverb for a fortune cookie, paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy. 

With so many students in our community from China and Hong Kong, the excitement around Chinese New Year is palpable in our boarding houses. A special calligraphy evening was held in Crawfurd House on Wednesday, when all boarders came together and made beautiful banners and posters.

Many of the Houses – especially Crawfurd – have been spectacularly decorated in lanterns and dragons, and very soon you will see calligraphy banners around the doors of academic departments. This will bring us good luck and prosperity in the new year.

On Saturday evening, we are looking forward to our annual Chinese New Year dinner. Chicken wings, spring rolls, roast pork, ribs and rice in all its forms, are on the menu. Our very keen and proactive Sixth Formers are planning games and riddles, and it will as always be an evening of music and fun. Thank you to our wonderful Catering Department who decorate the Dining Hall in the most beautiful fashion every year. 

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 10 February which is the first day of our half-term, so fortunately, this makes it possible for many of our students to join the spectacular festivities in China Town and Trafalgar Square with families and friends who live in and around London. We wish all a wonderful time!

By Eva Kennedy and Roshie Watkins