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PSD Workshops And Debates Mark International Men’s Day

In celebration of International Men’s Day and Movember, the College has been a hive of PSD activity in recent weeks. Pupils from Third Form up to the Upper Sixth have attended thought-provoking workshops, assemblies and debates, these include:

  • In Third Form Assembly, pupils discussed the importance of using social media in an appropriate and responsible way that considers others’ feelings. They discussed how taking photographs without permission is wrong and can do significant harm to another person’s wellbeing. They also covered how being unkind to someone online can be even more harmful than being unkind in person as those comments can be shared between a large group of people.
  • In their wellbeing lesson, the Third Form considered the role of bystanders in bullying and the importance of speaking out when you witness bullying.
  • In form time, the Third Form celebrated International Men’s Day by reading inspirational stories about a number of male role models and then had an opportunity to share who their male role model is.
  • In Thursday’s assembly pupils considered the bystander effect using Neville Longbottom standing up to his friends in Harry Potter as an example.
  • Upper Fourth pupils debated whether it is acceptable to be different and how important it is to fit in at school using a Votes For Schools PowerPoint (they all decided we need to accept each other as we are)
  • Lower Sixth peer mentors planned Movember general knowledge quizzes to be delivered in houses and discussed this article about sexual equality:
  • Middle Fourth pupils explored the 13 pages of our anti-bullying document and drilled down into the Equality Act 2010, with the nine protected characteristics to help understand diversity and difference, and how we can celebrate that at the College.
  • Pupils debated whether girls’ mental health provision should be different to boys’, concluding that humans are humans and we all deserve to be offered the same treatment, but that responses may differ no matter what your gender.
  • On Friday, pupils were encouraged to wear mufti – specifically something pink – in support of victims of domestic violence charity Refuge. The Murrell Upper Fourth girls posed with moustaches in support of Movember.