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Pupil Ariana Menassa Releases Debut Single

Lower Sixth pupil, Ariana Menassa (Rv), has released her debut single, Butterfly Love. Ariana, who has been very involved in the Creative Arts during her time at the College, played one of the lead roles in last term’s performance of musical, Footloose. Here she talks through her love of music and performing, and the journey to producing her own music:

“We have a piano at home and like countless other children, I used to bash and pound it as soon as I could reach the keys. At around five or six years of age I started having lessons. As soon as I learned the notes I started creating my own patterns which I preferred doing to the set pieces I was supposed to be practicing. That was the beginning of my journey.”

“I found music to be my constant companion. Sometimes it inspired me to create and write and it gave me the motivation to get through the day.”

“I started singing lessons with a vocal coach when I was about eight years old which gave me the confidence to perform. When I reached the age of 14, I experienced my first heartache. Butterfly Love was a result of expressing my heart in ways I couldn’t say face-to-face in words. Other songs followed, which I penned down in the last couple of years, six altogether, which I am in the process of producing. I spent a considerable time last year in a studio working on my music, a process that I find fascinating and want to dedicate my life to. At the moment I am working on new music with a new manager and can’t wait for my next song to be released. I want to believe that there will be an album later on, which will include all my creations, but at the moment I am focusing on one song at a time.”

You can stream her new single on Spotify now.