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Pupil Wins Place on Asset Management Bootcamp

Last term 60 students considering a future in the financial sector took part in a trading simulation offered by Amplify Trading. The two simulations, each lasting 30 minutes, allowed students to take on the role of an asset manager and an investment bank sales trader.

The asset manager simulation was won by Katie Collie (M) who achieved 100% execution and buy-side risk management scores, as well as 7.7% return on investment. As a result of winning the AmplifyME simulation event, Katie was offered further training via an Asset Management Bootcamp. Here Katie reflects on the experience:

“Both days we started by learning a bit of economic theory and about what asset management involves and then we spent some time building a balanced portfolio based on a client that we were given to use in the simulation. On the first day we traded equities, bonds and commodities using data from 2011 and on the second day we traded equities over 2012. At the end we talked a bit about applying for asset management and how to succeed. This experience has taught me a lot about trading in general and has given me the chance to learn by experiencing real world problems which people in the financial world have previously faced which most people have not had the chance to do when entering work.”