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Pupil’s Spine-Chilling Short Story Published

Lower Fourth pupil Esme Jordan (Wa) can now count herself as a published author. Her short story, The Basement, is being published in an anthology that showcases the best work from emerging young writers.

This year’s publication – Spine Chillers 2020: From the Shadows – is published by Young Writers, an organisation that promotes creative writing and poetry among young people.

Donna Samworth, editor at Young Writers, said: “Our aim is to inspire children everywhere to become confident and passionate writers. This year’s challenge was to write a spooky mini saga in just 100 words, packed full of tension, atmosphere and suspense.”

Over 1,000 children entered the competition from schools across the UK, with Esme’s story ultimately selected for publication.

Acting Head of English, Miss Natalie Bubbear, said: “Esme took part in the creative writing club as part of the activities carousel last year and it is so exciting that she made such productive use of her time. We are very proud that she is a published author at such a young age.”

The book is published on 13 November and will remain in the National Archives of the British Library forever.


The Basement, by Esme Jordan

I walked in shaking. It was cold, dark, damp and dusty. The smell was foul, it was so foul I felt like I was going to vomit. The pungent odour got worse and I stepped closer to the basement door. It felt like the whole entire world was waiting for this moment, this moment that would reveal the truth about Sir Renegade’s death. I tiptoed across the floor to the basement door. With my candle in my hand, I opened the door to reveal… whoosh! The candle blew out. I never saw the light again.