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Q&A With Lydia Keyte

Next up in our meet the staff member series is an interview with Mrs Lydia Keyte, Teacher of History. Mrs Keyte tells us her favourite College events, her proudest moment as a teacher, and a surprising activity she competed in at national level.

What is the most rewarding element of teaching at Epsom?

I really enjoy getting to know all of my individual students: both their strengths and weaknesses. It is wonderful to see any student make progress and particularly, when it is evident that a student has worked hard to improve, I find it rewarding to see them succeed in class. There is undoubtedly an ethos at Epsom that every student wants to succeed and it is a pleasure being able to support students to do so.

What event is your highlight in the College calendar, and why?

I really like the Annual Cross Country Run! I am not a natural runner and therefore can sympathise with the majority of students who find this a challenge but I think it is incredibly character building to still take part and do your best even if it is very cold and mostly uphill! I am proud of all the students at Epsom who do their best and push their limits, even if it initially something they are reluctant to do.

I also love Christmas and summer at the college. At both of these time of the year there are events that make it special and the College grounds look particularly beautiful.

What is your proudest moment at the College?

I was very proud last summer when I found out my Upper Sixth and Fifth Form classes’ A level and IGCSE results. It is wonderful to know that two years of hard work from both the students and myself results in such an amazing achievement and it is lovely to hear that all of my students went to their desired universities.

What do you enjoy most outside the classroom?

I love being a Boarding Tutor in Wilson House. The girls in Wilson House are very funny and kind. My tutees make me laugh until I cry sometimes and I enjoy hearing about every girls’ achievements both in and outside school.

I also really enjoy Athletics in the summer. I am often on timekeeping and it is very exciting to watch all the different Houses compete and sometimes win their events.

How do you spend your holidays?

I love to explore places with my husband like Barcelona, Paris and Sorrento. I do a lot of Yoga, walking and reading. I also spend time with family and friends, mainly meeting up for the day in London.

If you had not become a teacher, what job would have liked to do?

As Head of the Law Society at University, I was certain I wanted to become a lawyer but so many of my family and friends said that I was a natural teacher so I decided to become a teacher instead. I definitely think I chose the more exciting choice! I really enjoy working with students.

Most surprising fact about you?

I failed my driving test 4 times in four months! Once for driving straight over a large roundabout! The tests taught me perseverance! I passed fifth time the following month.

I also used to be a Cheerleader at university and had to learn to front flip as part of the routine. We competed at National level and won in our category.