Q&A With Rhiannon Johnson | Epsom College
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Q&A With Rhiannon Johnson

In the coming weeks we will interview some of Epsom’s passionate staff members, to find out more about their interests inside and outside of the classroom. First up, our Director of Drama, Miss Rhiannon Johnson.

What is the most rewarding element of teaching at Epsom?

I thoroughly enjoy being a facilitator for young people to pursue their passions, or indeed discover an interest they didn’t know they had! There is nothing quite like seeing the pride on a pupil’s face when they nail a scene, song, dance routine, or written paper. The collaborative nature of Drama is a powerful tool and it is inspiring to work with fresh and creative minds every day.

What event is your highlight in the College calendar, and why?

Of course I love the College productions – I am always so proud of the students. But I have to say there are two smaller productions in the calendar, the Junior Drama Club and M4 College Players showcase in Michaelmas term and The Vickers’ Project in the summer term. These two events fill the Performing Arts Centre with dedicated student actors, designers and staff alike, plus such appreciative audiences, the positive atmosphere is palpable.

What is your proudest moment at the College?

Spamalot Jr last year’s junior production was quite an undertaking! A company of over 60 pupils with very busy schedules, and a challenging comedic script, made it an interesting process. However, the resilient young cast displayed real grit, determination, and collaborative talent, and sent us into the summer holidays whistling ‘Always look on the bright side of life’!

What do you enjoy most outside the classroom? 

Gigging with my band.

How do you spend your holidays?

Visiting my nephew and niece in Washington DC, exploring the UK countryside with my two dogs, or holidaying with friends.

If you hadn’t become a teacher what job would have liked to do? 

Singer or musical theatre actress.

Most surprising fact about you?

I can lasso cattle off horseback!