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Record Haul of National Honours

This year has seen unprecedented success for current Epsom College pupils on the international sporting stage

Over 30 of our pupils have been selected to play for their countries. In a year of outstanding success for our teams and individual athletes, this level of international recognition further cements Epsom’s place among the UK’s top sporting schools.


  • George Johnson (England U16)
  • Isabella Lowe (Guernsey)


  • Flo Tanguy (Jersey)


  • Satomi Brocklebank (England and GB)


  • Charlie Walker-Smith (Wales U17)
  • Charlie Wilson-Papps (England U15)
  • Keira Johnson (England U16)
  • Malachi Odumosu (ISFA representative side)
  • Mikel Obeng-John (ISFA representative side)
  • Beau Redknapp (ISFA representative side)
  • Sonny Albert (ISFA representative side)
  • Cameron Stone (ISFA representative side)


  • Oscar Lent (England)
  • Kris Kim (England and Europe)


  • Amie Hunt (England U18)
  • Amelie Carter (England U16)


  • Maddie Lovett (Wales U19)


  • Amy Henwood (England U18)
  • Ben Temperley (Holland U18)


  • Ronnie Hickling (England U17)
  • Luke McBride (England U15)
  • Savannah Ingledew (South Africa U19)
  • Maja Maziuk (Switzerland U19)

Target Rifle

  • Leo Skingley (British Cadet Rifle Team; Full Adult Cap for Wales)
  • Oliver Scott (UK Cadet Rifle Team)
  • Kenan Kousetta (British Cadet Rifle Team)
  • Gemma Williams (British Cadet Rifle Team; Full Adult Cap for Wales)
  • Theo Maxwell Randeria (UK Cadet Rifle Team; British Cadet Rifle Team)
  • Lucy Hughes (Full Adult Cap for Wales)
  • Janice Leung (England Schools)
  • Rafi Darwish (UK Cadet Rifle Team)
  • Aaron Patel (UK Cadet Rifle Team)
  • Zoe Moir (UK Cadet Rifle Team)


  • Ciara Moore (Great Britain U16)