Religious Studies Students Meet OEs at University of Cambridge | Epsom College
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Religious Studies Students Meet OEs at University of Cambridge

The purpose of the visit was to inspire the next cohort of potential Oxbridge applicants. They were able to look to the achievements of several Old Epsomians; Eva Gray (R 2021) met the pupils at the Faculty of Divinity; and Elina Smith (W 2021) arranged a tour of her College, Selwyn, to share insights about Cambridge life and the Collegiate system. Together, Eva and Elina will form a small clutch of Old Epsomian theologians in Cambridge when, deo volente, Max McKinlay (P) joins them next year.

At the Faculty of Divinity, students visited the library, learned about the Oxbridge application process, and discovered the inter-disciplinary depth of a degree in Theology or Philosophy during an illuminating talk from the Faculty’s outreach officer. Thereafter, James Carleton-Paget delivered a riveting lecture on the birth narrative in Matthew¬†and what it betrays about the thoroughgoing Jewishness of Christianity’s roots; great listening, and (which is a bonus never guaranteed when at the mercy of an academic) directly relevant to the A-level course.

Lunch followed in the University Pitt Club, where we were joined by former Chapel Prefect and graduating Cambridge student, Charlie McLean (H 2018). Charlie spoke candidly and helpfully about applying to Cambridge, and then led the tour of Selwyn, explaining different aspects of College life and dispensing the kind of advice that gets ignored when it’s issued from the mouth of a teacher. Half an hour for coffee and souvenir shopping was well spent and the entire cohort had an incredibly enjoyable time.

Mr George Greenbury, Head of Religious Studies